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Worry ye not: Banshee for Windows is coming

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

A great many of us have to keep Windows knocking around for gaming, work or through the ball and chain of some proprietary software we were learned in.

A media player doesn’t exactly fit this bill but Banshee – arguably one of the most popular media players ever created for Linux – is being ported to both OS X and Windows. Whilst early builds of the Mac version are kicking around precious little has been heard about the Windows variant.

Feast ye goggles on thee: –

I’m told that Banshee for Windows is just about usable presently, but won’t be charming you with much in the way of contextual info and add-ons just yet, but progress is progress folks!

Windows users may soon have yet another open-source wonder to add to their arsenal.

Tip | David Nielsen