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Opera Announce Linux PPC Builds Will Be Discontinued

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

imageSad news for PPC Ubuntu users everywhere (admittedly a minority, but they do exist!): Opera has announced that Opera 10.6x will be the last version of the browser to support the PowerPC architecture on both Linux and Mac.

This follows Mozilla’s announcement that Firefox 4 is ‘unlikely’ to support PPC.

The Opera team cite the reason that only 0.1% of all Opera use PPC – a figure I have no trouble believing since the Mozilla-based Camino browser is more popular with users of OS X PPC, and for Linux users Firefox remains available for now.

By relieving themselves of its burden they can “focus… on our high quality browser to make sure that it meets the need of the modern web browser user on the popular architectures.”