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OneConf lands in Meerkat

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The first inisital release of super-settings sync tool ‘OneConf’ has landed in the Ubuntu Meerkat repos.

OneConf has the noble aim of making users lives easy by saving and syncing various data between your Ubuntu installs and/or device. E.g: Saving a list of installed applications and re-installing them for you on a fresh install of Ubuntu including, potentially though likely further down the line, application settings too.

“The goal is to enable your to continue your work between your workstation and your netbook, for instance, without having to do any complicated manipulation.”

Whilst there is very little for end-users to “look at” as of now this is nonetheless the first step out on a very exciting road.

See OneConf wiki for full usage, details and issues:

Thanks to Aditya