A few days back we covered how to run Opera Mini – the super tiny mobile web browser from Opera – in Ubuntu. Today we’re looking at installing and using Opera Mobile – the larger, smart-phone, finger friendly version of Opera.

This developer version of Opera Mobile 10 is, you won’t be shocked to learn, primarily aimed at web developers. Having a native desktop emulator allows them to test their websites’ performance without needing to purchase expensive mobile/cellular devices.

Opera Labs have made installation in Ubuntu super easy: – 
  • You download this .deb
  • Double-click on it once download has completed
  • Click ‘Install’
  • Hey presto!
Opera Mobile can now be run from the Applications > Internet sub-menu 
Opera Mobile is very straightforward to use and this native package allows even greater control: resize to any size and yes – you can even go fullscreen!
You can open as many tabs as you like, add entries to the speed-dial and enable Opera Turbo for faster loading times on slower connections.
Better yet all of your settings and additions are saved, allowing you to use them again and again.
The install package also includes a desktop version ‘Opera Widgets’ for Mobile devices.

This comes with a handful of pre-installed widgets and access to the Opera widget directory where you can try and test many, many more.

Thanks to Darren for the tip!
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