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Well that’s a nice volume slider (minor post alert)

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

You’re likely all aware that Ubuntu 10.10 is getting a funky feature-packed new sound applet for Maverick. That shindig promises to be crazy awesome and a great usability improvement. Until that pops up do allow me to bask in the sweet glow of simple progression because sometimes, as you may be aware, very minor changes make me giddy.

Take the ‘testing versions of the Ubuntu Light themes’ throwing up this beauty: ”

Super props to the designer(s) on it. I’m totally digging the sleeker, elegant look of it ” and it’s certainly in keeping with MPT’s mock-ups for the new applet, too.

Dot Slider Pwns

I’m sure many will complain that the ‘dot’ slider (as I shall be calling it from now until it changes again) is too small to use properly but I much prefer this version to the current Lego-block like version in Lucid. By being smaller it gives the impression ” whether actual or not I can’t tell ” of greater accuracy & control over volume; The Lego block that is currently in use is very wide, making trying to slide to a perfect volume much less accurate feeling.

Before I’m chastised for taking up too much of your time on something so trivial I present you, for some context, hindsight and just ‘cos, with the previous 2 iterations of the volume slider, showing that evolution is, indeed, a wonderful thing: –

Before I seem to be wildly gushing over trivialities let me chip in that I’m really not digging the ‘orange’ suggested action buttons…

If you want to hold my hand – at least ask first…