OpenShot development has been a wee quiet of late – bar the OpenShot survey conducted a few months back.

That silence is over with today’s announcement by lead OpenShot developer Jonathan Thomas that OpenShot will be adding animated 3D titling to it’s roster of already impressive features.Making use of Blender templates – the popular and open source 3D graphics programme – OpenShot is able to “bring the power of Blender, the creativity of the Blender community (in the form of templates) to OpenShot in the most intuitive interface possible.”


On adding the feature Thomas says: “Hopefully this feature (along with a few more we are working on) will start to differentiate OpenShot from the pack of FOSS video editors.”

After the results of the OpenShot survey threw up some rather meek and superfluous results (DVD creation & video conversion ) I am pleased to see that OpenShot is still able to take the lead and continue to provide useful video-editing features to what is, without a doubt, the premier end-user video editor for Linux.

Image: Jonathan Thomas

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