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Wine icon facelift on target for June; looks immeasurably better already

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

As the Wine project gears up for the next major release due in June, work on giving the application a graphical face-lift is drawing to a conclusion.

Joel Holdsworth, who has lead the work on the icon refresh, sent us over this screenshot which was produced from a build of Wine’s git snapshop earlier today:


You certainly don’t need a magnifying glass to see from the screenshot above that the quality and consistency of Wine’s icons has been greatly improved through this effort, helping to integrate what is often the sore thumb of many Linux users desktops. The icons are clear, crisp and, praise be to the gods, very un-windows 95.

Joel states that this project has been for just that: “This is all part of an ongoing effort to help Windows executables graphically integrate more seamlessly with the Linux desktop.” He goes on to address the “big” teeming issue many long for:  “True theme integration from a wine theme bridge is still a little way off, but this base set of icons is tango compliant and is therefore designed to blend with popular desktops (MacOS, Gnome, KDE, etc.)”


The other headline feature in Wine 1.2 will be full support for x64 bit executables.

Making Wine look modern may not seem as important as ensuring application compatibility but in my book this task cannot be applauded enough. Now where did I put my Spotify installer…

Thanks to Joel for taking the time to share