The results of the OpenShot survey that was conducted over the last few weeks has ended and the results have been made available on OpenShot developer Cenwen’s blog [French].

They show many interesting things, a brief breakdown of which are: –

  • 88% of OpenShot respondents use Ubuntu
  • The top 3 requested features were DVD creation, video conversion & additional video effects.
  • The majority of users install OpenShot fom the Software Centre and/or the OpenShot PPA.

My thoughts

The ‘requested feature’ results are surprising. I was expecting YouTube/Facebook/etc uploading to rank higher than it did, likewise with colour correction. Both are tools that enhance the actual job of editing and sharing videos.

The top two requested features are, to my mind, jobs better left to dedicated applications rather than a video editor: handbrake is the best conversion tool around for Linux and there are a metric tonne of DVD creators.

Is it really the job of a video editor to focus its’ attentions on providing non-video editing features? That’s for OpenShot to decide.

New theme poll results

Alongside OpenShot’s survey we ran a poll asking readers whether the OpenShot theme was due for a change.

A massive 1,209 readers voted (almost as many as who took the survey!) and the results were a landslide in favour of YES – OpenShot should change its theme.


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