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Interested in testing Compiz 0.9.x?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

In case you’ve not heard, (probably due to rather extensive confusion about what and which is what) Compiz, Beryl and Compiz-Fusion have gone through a number of changes and splits and merges and has finally been reunited in one cohesive project, just straight up Compiz. This includes the massive project of rewriting Compiz, NOMAD, and all the plugins into C++, and has finally reached the point of near-full functionality, and now they need some beta-testers!

This is not a full release of Compiz 0.9! This is a beta release for testing. There are no (basically) new functions or features, so if you’re not interested in testing, you don’t need to install it!

Ok. That said, you can check out SmSpillaz‘s post here will give you the specifics of what needs tested, and how to install things to avoid breaking your current install. If you’re still getting over the pangs of Lucid being a full release and you can’t wait for a Maverick alpha to break your system, why don’t you take a look and see if you want to help out the great work that the Compiz team has been doing.