Opera came out top in our ‘What is the fastest browser on Linux?’ test-a-rama conducted a few days back and since then a number of you have decided to take it for a whirl.


Opera 10.5x no longer uses QT for it’s interface meaning it integrates with the default DE much better.

Sadly this isn’t as perfect as Chrome or native GTK browsers but Opera user (and Ubuntu fiend) Kyle Baker has created a simple script that modifies the default Opera skin to flawlessly match the default Ubuntu 10.04 Ambiance theme, like so: –

On his blog Kyle says: –

“The only change to the skin (thus far) is the tab bar background which now allows for a smoother appearance between the tab bar and window title.”


You can download the Ambiance theme by hitting the link below.


Speed Dial

Kyle has also created some excellent speed dial backgrounds that compliment the theme wonderfully. You can grab those on his blog, too.

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