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Ubuntu ShipIt now taking pre-orders for Lucid CDs

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Here’ a free CD offer that is actually free this time. (*shakes fist at OS Discs*)

ShipIt – the official Canonical backed distributer of Ubuntu CD’s – are now taking pre-orders for Ubuntu 10.04 discs which are sent free of charge to requesters.


Think before you request

The ShipIt programme wasn’t designed to supply everyone who wants a CD with one, rather it was designed to help those unable to download Ubuntu or upgrade to the latest release due to limited access to the internet, unstable internet or no internet at all. Finding your 10MB fibre optic broadband slowed down to 5MB’s during peak hours is not really a worthy case for requesting a CD and could end up depriving a young goat farmer in the Himalayas’ from dropping his jaw in awe at Ubuntu 10.04.

If you’ve previously requested a CD with ShipIt you’l more than likely be greeted with the following blurb: –

We’ve noticed that you’ve already received CDs of several previous Ubuntu releases. You can help us ensure the continued availability of Ubuntu CDs by

If this is the case and you are still in desperate need of a CD then CD’s will be available to buy via the Ubuntu Store or, if you can’t stretch to a couple of dollars, contact your local LoCo team and inform them of your situation I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to advise.

If you don’t see the following message than you’re free to request – just try to make sure you need a disc before doing so.