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Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook to get ‘global menu’ panel

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

imageMark Shuttleworth today blogged about an exciting new interface development due for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10 UNE: the adoption of a global menu panel.


The rationale is simple: It increases vertical space by reducing the amount of screen taken up by buttons and menus.

The design team have discussed their decision with the similar ‘Global Menu’ project (who’s project is a Linux implementation of the Apple global menu’) but, and get ready for a quote made of win, Mark states that the Ubuntu Global Menu “…will aim to go beyond what Apple and others have done with panel menus, to consolidate both the window title (and window controls) into the panel along with the menu.”

Further expanding on the proposed functionality Mark says: –

By default, we’d display the contents of the title bar. When you mouse up to the panel, or when you press the Alt key, the contents would switch to the menu. That way, you’re looking at the document title most of the time, unless you move towards it to click on the menu.

Netbook only

Before anyone gets their over-zealous anti-change bloomers all knotted up the new global menu is only being targeted at the Netbook spin of Ununtu. Users wishing to use it on their Meerkat desktop should find it  easily installable ” just don’t expect every application to work with it.