Oscar and Emmy award-winning editing software ‘Lightworks is going open-source.

EditShare, the company behind Lightworks, see open-sourcing the editing application as a way to “…release its full potential…“’

Developers, aside from being able to enhance, build on and add to Lightworks, will also be able to sell their Lightworks plug-ins, etc through a centralized Lightworks online marketplace.

Lightworks Interface

“Lightworks offers intuitive controls, advanced real time effects, 2K native support with DPX or RED, and multi-camera editing features that remain unmatched.”


Lightworks currently packs in an impressive feature set, supporting resolution and codec independent edits, unlimited multi-cam editing, a slew of professional effects, including outputting them in real-time at both SD, HD and 2K resolutions (!), support for 3rd party effects, an amazing voice over tool (which I used at University!) and, well, a TONNE more besides.

Check out LightWorks full spec list @ this link


The project has only just been announced as open-source so there are no downloads to be had just yet.

A freely downloadable version is scheduled to be available by Q3 of this year.

Get involved

Developers wishing to get involved in the open-sourcing of the project can see here.

Thanks to walo

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