logo[3]A new beta version of aspiring image editor Nathive is available for the brave and the bold to test and try out.

New features in this latest beta ” which has seen the application totally rewritten in Python – are: –

  • Layer resizing.
  • Zoom.
  • User actions (ctrl+z)
  • Clipboard (cut, copy, paste)
  • Personalizable keyboard shotcuts.
  • Multiwidgets (modular GUI items)
  • File based configs (INI syntax)
  • Smart plugin system.
  • Unified plugin presets system.


Get it whilst it’s hot @ http://www.nathive.org/download


This release, considering it’s a re-write, is a vast improvement on the previous Alpha release and whilst many users will deem it having some way to go yet it is more than living up to its aim of being a competent and light image editing application.

The power in Nathive’s potential lies behind its powerful plug-in system which is just dying for developers to come along and exploit so if you want to Help out head over to https://launchpad.net/nathive

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