In an interview with the Ubuntu Turkey LoCo team Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman discusses the reasons behind some of the recent controversial changes to Ubuntu ” from the removal of photo editor GIMP to the decision to move the window controls.


On Window buttons

Zimmerman was asked how the decision to shift window controls was reached and whether community opinion was factored in. He replied: –

…the decision to move the window buttons was made by Mark Shuttleworth. He explained that he wanted this in order to be able to use the space on the right side of the window for other things in the future. There have been many well-considered objections to this, both from users and from Ubuntu contributors, but he has decided to press ahead with the change anyway.

On Mono

When asked his opinion on the contentious issue of Mono in Ubuntu he termed it ‘valuable’ thought admitted that “…there are risks involved in choosing the .NET platform to develop free software, because it is under the ultimate control of Microsoft. Whilst Microsoft could take advantage of this to attack free software in various ways. This would be a logical act of self-preservation, and consistent with their previous actions and statements of intent.

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