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Ubuntu 10.04 Radiance/Ambiance Personas for Firefox

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Having recently reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 I couldn’t help but notice how “un-integrated” Firefox looks in the default set up.

But this mismatch can be remedied by applying custom ‘personas’ – Firefox themes – to the browser.

Default Look

Whilst the default set-up doesn’t look bad per se, it can easily look a lot better with the aid of some ‘one click’ Firefox Persona themes.

Ubuntu Ambiance Persona

Ubuntu Ambiance (gradient style) Persona

Ubuntu Radiance (gradient style) Persona

I happen to think that the gradient versions look much better than the ‘block colour’ version, but either way these simple Persona’s can really make Firefox feel part of the Lucid desktop.