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Ubuntu Light Themes Get Improved Scrollbar, More

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The default Ubuntu Light themes have been updated with an improved scrollbar. (Dig in, guys, as these themes will be updated a lot over the next few months).

Our criticism of the “current” scrollbar was the width – “chunky” doesn’t entirely cover it. It made windows look more ‘toyish’ and bulky than needed. The improved scroll bars cuts the fat and returns to a sleek look far more in keeping with the premise of ‘light’ the themes strive for. The scrollbars are now drawn by the theme engine itself and not via pixmaps.

The new look scrollbars look like this: ”


New Vs. Old

Other bug fixes in the latest update sorts out text issues in various menus (mainly involving Radiance)

Get it

For the patient Lucid users this update will appear in Update Manager later this evening.

For the impatient ” here’s the .deb