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5 Ubuntu Light-inspired GTK Themes

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

With so many ‘Ubuntu Light’ inspired/tweaked/modded themes suddenly sailing about the blogosphere, I thought that it was time the very best dropped anchor into the OMG! port so we could check them out in a bit better detail.

OslinerRadience by ~osliner

Evidently one of the best spins in this list. If you saw the Rhythmbox “wow” mock-up we posted a few days back then the familiarity in this theme will become evident as it’s based on it.  The theme also uses cues from the Ubuntu Radiance theme.

Osliner has consistently produced amazing work over these last few months and this latest effort just keeps showing off his talent.    


Ambiance Black by ~shafin

The Ambiance theme gets a morbid make-over as shafin re-colours the theme to have a black look.



Light X by bababoss

Light X is actually an interpretation of the new Lucid themes rather than being built upon them. Maker bababoss uses window buttons from Dust, the elementary metacity and the theme itself is based on the human-theme.


Ambiance Cold by ripps818

A colder blue toned version of Radiance.


Ubuntu light Re-Imagined

We’ve actually featured this one before but it’s too pretty not to include again! Many readers found it more desirable than the actual Light theme, so give it a try.