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New Release of Clutterflow – now with .deb installer!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Clutterflow 0.3.5 – a cover flow style plugin for banshee – released a revised Alpha version of their awesome add-on late last week.

Quite a few significant changes have landed since we last blogged about this plugin: –

  • Toggling the Clutterflow can now be done via the View Menu
  • Clutterflow now has its own ‘tab’ with the preferences dialogue
  • Album scrolling can be done by clicking and ‘dragging’ the mouse in a direction

Here is version 0.3.5 in action!

A few issues are present in this version including possible errors on start-up, search is no longer working and playing a track with no album meta-data will crash Banshee. Other than that it’s a great improvement!

You will need a recent build of Banshee and various clutter libraries. See our previous post for getting and installing these. (Though you may not need them)

Clutterflow itself can be installed using the following easy-install .deb:

Once installed don’t forget to enable it in the Edit >Preferences > Extensions menu!