Setting up BluRay playback on Linux can be a pretty complicated affair with only certain drive models working correctly and reliance on hacked firmware to get things going.

The MakeMKV project have come up with a far simpler solution which they admit isn’t perfect and that it “….is still a far shot from proper native support for blu-ray playback” but call it “…a nice workaround that is easy enough for any home user to get working.”

Sounds good… but what’s the catch?

Well you still can’t shove in a disc and have it play. Instead MakeMKV “streams” the disc content to a receptive player, such as VLC.

Thankfully I don’t have a BlueRay player in my PC yet, so i can’t verify the simplicity or benefit of this move but if you try it out let us know how you get on!

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[via Linux Today]
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