Linux Twitter application ‘Pino’ may be a relative new-comer to the desktop, but today saw it’s first stable release.

We reviewed Pino a few weeks ago and were left suitably impressed. The development since then has been border-line breakneck and this first release proper comes mere weeks after the initial Alpha version was release.

Pino’s features include: –

  • Timeline. 
  • Mentions. 
  • Custom interval for data updating. 
  • Creating new tweets and replying to users from your timeline. 
  • Hiding menu and panels. 
  • Tray icon. 
  • Showing retweets in timeline (author of tweet and who retweeted). 
  • Default Gnome notifications of new tweets. 
  • Keeping unread tweets until the main window is not focused. 
  • Deleting your own tweets. 

New Icon
Sadly Pino has traded out its gorgeous monochromatic ‘t’ icon for something resembling a donkey in a dress (!?)


Pino has a PPA for easy installation and helps you keep up with updates.

This can be added by opening a terminal and pasting the following: –

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:troorl/pino

Alternatively you may just wish to install it using a .deb.
 32bit / 64bit

Note that if you already have Pino installed (i.e. any version before today’s final version) you will need to remove it and then install the latest version.

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