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Network Manager Docklet Coming To AWN

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Avant Window Navigator, a popular dock for Linux, is going to be getting a shiny new network manager docklet.

One of AWN’s developers, “moonbeam”, posted the following teaser on his blog. In it you can see the new docklet in action.

Of AWN and Docks

I haven’t covered AWN on Omg!Ubuntu! much despite the recent release of the 0.4 version which comes with many incredible new additions, features and really great additions. I’ll be rectifying that in the next few days however!

AWN was/is perceived by some, perhaps unjustly, as a gimmicky or novelty-type application than something like Docky ” an application that may look cool and does some funny animations but offers no productivity enhancement. This is, in part, why GNOME Do Docky was/is so incredibly popular – it changed the way you interacted with your system.

All of that aside, AWN is maturing quite nicely and has certainly shaken off  lot of the frivolity that Cairo-Dock, as an example, suffers from.

As such i shall be salivating over the latest features in AWN as well as those features on their way in post tomorrow!

Btw, I used to be a massive AWN fan and here’s a bit of proof ” my desktop from June 2008!