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Docky Design Feedback Wanted

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Docky developer DBO post a thread on the Ubuntu Forums asking for some feedback on a UI issue. Knowing so many this blogs readers to be devout Docky enthusiasts i though I’d highlight the question here so that many of your can also add your votes.

DBO asks: –

I am looking for some feedback on a new way of titling menus in docky. I am not sure if its worth keeping or not, or if anyone has an ideas for improvement. Let me know what you think (screenshots attached).

Without Titles: –


With Titles: –


Vote Link

Head on over to the thread page @ where you’ll find the poll to vote in.

I personally think that the “titles” are logical and beneficial to users by helping to better separate the two sections as letting newer users know instantly ‘what is where’.