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Banshee Control, Zeitgeist & Pidgin Support Come to Docky

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Over the last few days Docky has gained some new features and additions. Notably a 3-D mode and Extensions support.

You can find out how to enable 3-D mode here.

In this post we’ll be taking a peek at Dockys’ “new” extensions.

Banshee Controls

No need for a massive evolution from the Gnome-Do Banshee control plug-in, this is a nice addition for Banshee users.

I would love to see artwork embedded in the tooltip – perhaps not feasible or even relevant – but it’d look cool as hell.

Pidgin Controls

I officially love this. Away-ifying myself via the dock is easier than going to the ‘user session applet’ in the top right.

Given I have a very tiny contact list a dream addition would be to see the contact list inside the tootip! (Of course this would be incredibly irritating for users with lots of contacts and thus won’t happen.)

Open terminal here

For use with the Bookmarks docklet – opens the folder in a terminal. (No need to cd to it).

The Zeitgeist team have given some love to Docky and as such application launchers gain a Journal entry each (a journal is simply that – a journal containing a history of files used, opened and edited with that application).

Zeitgeist also adds a short list of the most used/edited/etc documents associated with that Application. This creates something somewhat similar to the Windows 7 jump-lists (don’t hate me for saying that!) but much more intelligent.

You will need Zeitgeist installed to use the Zeitgeist plug-ins.

I’m selling Zeitgeist incredibly short in my little summary above, so take a peek at this video courtesy of Zeif Lofty of the Zeitgeist team: –

Pin To Dock
Perhaps not a new feature and certainly not an extension, but one cool new option that i have only just noticed is the ‘pin to dock’
option present on the tooltips of applications open but not added to the dock.