“On the first day of Xmas Gwibber gave to me,

my social networks in a tree…”

Tree-view, that is.

Yes, Gwibber 2.0 introduced a revamped UI alongside other changes earlier this year – all designed to help the premier social-network application land itself in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.


Sadly it didn’t manage to fix enough niggling issues to be included in Karmic but Gwibber 2.0 was released anyway, giving us all the gift of being endlessly updated by the informal, the interesting and, no doubt, the irritating – all in an easier to use interface with shiny new features and service support.

For making us chirp happily in 2009, Gwibber 2.0 is our first top app of 2009.


You can install Gwibber from the Ubuntu Software Centre by searching ‘gwibber’.


You can find use daily development snapshots by adding the following PPA: –

sudo add-apt repository ppa:gwibber-daily/ppa

Or Intrepid/Jaunty users can add it via the instructions @

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