CoverGloobus version 1.5 has been released bringing with it new themes, usability improvements and more.

CoverGloobus is a theme-able standalone ‘”now playing” application that displays the currently playing track on your desktop.

I’ve blogged and blogged and blogged about CoverGloobus before. I truly do love it so I’m stoked for the new release!

The new version brings with it amongst other things: –

  • New Themes (Including one by me!)
  • Pressing Esc quits and saves position
  • You can now choose to have CoverGloobus displayed “Always on top”
  • You can now move the widget around by simply clicking on it
  • Optional lyric services
  • Theme preview on configuration
  • When configuration changed, covergloobus is restarted
  • Exaile 3. Listen & Quodlibet support

Full announcement and list of changes available on the official site @



CoverGloobus runs from its folder, so download it, extract it and then move it somewhere safe!

You configure CoverGloobus by double-clicking From here you can choose theme, player and lyrics engine.

Config menu

You can start CoverGloobus by double-clicking

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