An updated icon will be shipping in the next update to the human theme! Hurrah!

~thanks Yann Dìnenda for the tip-off!

Karmic Koala’s icon for displaying a wired connection is, in all fairness, quite ugly.

It resembles the shape of an Ethernet port (if you squint) but it’s surely far too big and cumbersome to be left as the final icon?!


Yes, that really is it, and people are not impressed!

Some have mistaken it for a piano, a random black rectangle and even a screen defect!

Democracy in icon!

yzarc on the UbuntuFroums makes an interesting point about it: –

If I’m connected then the ethernet connector can’t be empty as in the showed icon.
The NM shows empty connector when I just connected, metaphoric fail.

To vote to change it, simply hit the “Affects me too” button in the Launchpad bug report for this issue: –