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PlayOnLinux – Install Windows Applications In One Click

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

PlayOnLinux is a WINE ‘front end’ that allows easy installation of software designed to run on Windows, but in Linux!

Unlike other WINE installation software – such as CrossOver – PlayOnLinux is entirely free, and presents an “accessible and efficient” front end for utilising the power of WINE.

Some features as noted on the official website: –

  • You don’t have to own a Windows® license to use PlayOnLinux.
  • PlayOnLinux is free software.
  • PlayOnLinux uses Bash and Python

It’s not without it’s bug, however, and the developers note: –

  • Occasional performances decrease (image may be less fluid and graphics less detailed).
  • Not all games are supporwineted. Nevertheless, you can use our manual installation module.

Inserting a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM will launch PlayOnLinux’s Autorun installation assitant. (Snappy name!)

PlayOnLinux, whilst being able to assist in installing applications, also comes with a set of enabled repositories featuring popular Windows software such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Spotify and more!

The interface is very similar to Ubuntu’s (current) Add/Remove in many respects, providing an easy-to-browse cataogry layout.

The Official site also provides a variety of extra plugins that can be downloaded and installed with one click.

You can download PlayOnLinux from the official site @

Alternaivetly you can install via UbuntuTweak.