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New In Karmic Alpha 5 – Some Slideshows, Some Fixes & An Anaemic Janitor…

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Alpha 5 of Ubuntu 9.04 was released to the wild yesterday and brought with it the usual slew of bug fixes, but also a few other odds and sods!

A quick bullet-ized run down would read as: –

  • During installation some fancy pants slides play, designed to help orient new users to the Linux way of doing things. Shame they also read like they were written by programmers…


  • Gnome is updated from  2.27.4 to 2.27.91 beta.
  • XSPLASH is the new boot manager and looks as it did during late Alpha 4: –


  • A new panel applet combines the “user switching” and “logout/shutdown” applets of previous releases.
  • The All New And Improved Computer Janitor© makes it’s first appearance in Alpha 5. Sporting a super clean 3 paned window, it sure looks far more useable than before, if a bit sad looking.

ubuntu karmic koala alpha 5 screenshot [Excuse the screenshot from Softpedia, but i’m having Alpha Issues atm]


You can find more release notes @