aboutWhat is OMG! UBUNTU?

Omg! Ubuntu! is an Ubuntu blog for the Ubuntu user. Our posts are aimed at users rather than developers.

“OMG! Ubuntu!” is a silly name. Why did you call it that?

One word ” Hyperbole

I’m new to Linux, Is your site for me?

We aim to make everything we write about accessible to all ” regardless of experience. As such we take care to explain the basics, cover essential information when posting something and provide clear, concise instructions on how to install applications or apply a tip contained in a post.

We’re all about making Ubuntu easy, accessible and above all else FUN to use ” so there’s no gobbledygook and technical spiel here.

What type of articles do you normally post?

In a nutshell (not literally, there’d be no room!) we post: –

  • News/Updates ” We post the latest Ubuntu updates, application updates, community news ” usually first!
  • Interviews ” We’re nosy so-and-so’s here at OMG!UBUNTU! so we like to probe developers on their applications or projects in order to get the latest juicy details!
  • Eye-Candy ” Everyone loves a beautiful desktop so you’ll find plenty of posts on themes, icons, applications, etc that will make your desktop look the business.
  • Reviews ” Speaks for itself, really!
  • Tips ” You’ll find a boatload of interesting ” and above all else ” useful tips at OMG!UBUNTU! If it’s not interesting or useful, we don’t post it.
  • Opinion/Debate ” We care passionately about Ubuntu so you’ll often find posts, polls or questions aimed at stirring debate or offering different views.

We try to steer clear of meaningless lists. “10 Awesome Wallpapers” may be vaguely interesting when you’re bored, but your definition of “Awesome” may no match ours, so when we chuck a list-type post out there, we like to give it a very strong theme (10 Dust-Theme Matching Wallpapers) or aim to be topical (10 things to do after installing Karmic Koala).

Where do you get your articles from?

Everything on this site is 100% original news ” no copy and paste jobs from other sites, no RSS feeds auto-posting content, no popping a summary of another sites post into ours. Nada. No-way.

Everything you read on here is sourced and written by one person. Where we have a source, an informer or a lead we always give a ‘thanks’ at the bottom of the article with a link to back up what we’ve written.

Thankfully our originality is paying off ” we’ve not only broken several big stories before the major tech sites but we’ve been featured on them!

So you’re not just a “me too” site?

Not in the slightest! Apart from the majority of our posts being new news, we add our own voice to everything we write about. No-one wants to read third-hand news.

I’m sure I’ve read your articles elsewhere. Are you sure you write it?

The worn keys on my keyboard certainly assure you so! We do have content-distribution agreements with some other sites (who translate our articles into Dutch, Polish, etc) but you’ll always find a link back to us in them.

As we’ve become more popular ” and because our content is “fresh” (I.e. we’re the first to write/break a lot of news) – some people come along and copy-and-paste our articles to their site or set our RSS feed to auto-post to their site first.

If you add Omg! Ubuntu! to your feed reader or follow us on Twitter you’ll soon find out where the articles originate!

Why just focus on Ubuntu?

Whilst we are first and foremost an Ubuntu user site, we do also cover other odds and ends and tangentially related stuff ” such as peeking a the latest Fedora release or sharing some thoughts on ChromeOS. We like to keep an open-mind.

We don’t just cover news, we aim to stir debate (where necessary), provide useful tips in a user-friendly fashion, promote newer applications and projects and generally have a good time.

Oh, btw – I keep hearing people hating on your site. Why do people not like it?

You’d probably better ask them!

Omg! Ubuntu! is a user-focused site. We only blog about what’s relevant to the desktop user and how to make things easier for the desktop user. This has put the backs of various people up as they perceive us to be “dumbing down” their precious Linux.

Ubuntu itself is the target for a lot of derision by Linux-purists, too.


Omg!Ubuntu was launched in August of 2009 with the aim of providing a comprehensive and original source of news and articles for Ubuntu users.

Since then we have gained nearly 6, 000 feed subscribers, have monthly hits of ~ 250, 000 visitors and almost 1000 twitter followers.