Canonical, Ubuntu’s Financial backers, yesterday opened up the beta for ‘Ubuntu One’ – a free online storage and syncing solution.

Ubuntu One helps you store, sync and share

Ubuntu One adds a folder to your Ubuntu computer. Whatever is placed in it is automatically backed up online. However this is the nifty part – Ubuntu One lets you (or people you allow) to access it from any other computer, meaning you could share work or photos with friends and family by all using the same folder. Great!

Ubuntu One offers three key features: –

  • Seamless integration with your Ubuntu based computer
  • Sync files between multiple machines
  • Access to your files away from your computers via our web interface

2GB of storage is on offer for free or you can pay a monthly subscription to increase this to 10GB – a great price and a great way to support Ubuntu.

Ubuntu One is currently in invite only, however i would certainly imagine it being available to all (if not integrated into) the October Karmic Koala release.

Check out the website for more fluid descriptions and pretty pictures @