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Blogging In Ubuntu Seriously Sucks

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The current situation for blogging from Ubuntu is dire. I say this with a short sigh and a tiny bit of frustration.

I’m not against blogtk! or drivel – the latter worked fine when i was using wordpress, however i’m a googleite and i love

BLOGTK! cannot post titles to anything you may blog, nor can drivel and nor can the gnomne panel applet blogging tool.

As such, if you’re using blogger, you have to either use a web based editor or itself – which isn’t very handy if you’re on the move or out of range of a wifi spot in town. What’s even more frustrating is that Windows currently has the best offline/online blogging tool ever in Windows Live Writer – if you’ve never tried it then you don’t know what you’re missing.

I do hope a more viable alternative to blogging on blogger in linux comes about, blogtk! are working on a great new version currently. Things wouldn’t be so bad if the current crop of basic editors could post a flippin’ title – something vista gadgets and dashboard widgets can do with ease.

Anyway, ignore the rant, because i am currently blogging from Ubuntu using a 30 day trial of something called ‘blogjet’, which is running under WINE because, as you can guess, it’s Windows only. No major problems so far – i did have to upgrade the latest WINE directly in order for the ‘publish’ feature to work and text isn’t displayed very nicely either.

not uploaded by blogjet

On the flip side it is working – i can import photos

..however you need to have an FTP server set up to store them on.

i can format text

Insert MSN smileys .. but they also need to be upped to an FTP server..

create hyperlinks

Pretty much everything you’d expect. I do miss Windows Live Writer’s ability to support my theme – essential for making sure photo’s and image will not trespass beyond my sidebar etc. However this is probably the best alternatuivet o just installing XP in virtualbox and using Live Writer.