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Minwaita GTK Theme Puts GNOME’s Adwaita on a Diet

If you like the Adwaita theme Ubuntu GNOME ships with but don’t like the size of its title bars, here’s a theme that may be of interest.

Minwaita is a forked version of GNOME’s default Adwaita theme that fixes the theme’s biggest issue: the generous padding on buttons, switches, header bars and titles bars.

You can see the difference between the stock Adwaita theme and the fork in this graphic:

adwaita theme comparison

Top: Stock Adwaita. Bottom: Minwaita

Tidier, right?

The developer of Minwaita describes it as a “tweaked, more compact version of Adwaita with new window control buttons for a sleeker, more vanilla GNOME look.”

If the window control buttons look familiar to you it’ll be because they are derived from the Vertex GTK theme.

The rest of Minwaita is basically Adwaita on a diet, e.g., buttons, while sliders, progress bars, gradients, highlight accent colour, etc, all appear as they should.

And, like the regular version, there’s a dark version available too:

Download Minwaita Theme

Minwaita is an open-source GTK theme designed to work with GNOME 3.22 and later.  The latest version is available to download from the following link:

Download Minwaita Theme

To install the theme once you have downloaded it just extract the archive. Inside the extracted folder you’ll find two directories. Move these to ~/.themes.

Finally, to change GTK theme, use the GNOME Tweak Tool.