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easy to use Lucid-themed conky bar now even easier to use!

Remember that easy to use Lucid-themed Conky bar we showed you back in early May? It’s just got even easier to use.124144-1[3]Many of you loved the look of the look of the bar but found the hacking needed to get it to fit your screensize a bit off-putting. Thankfully the developer, Veoduendes, has addressed that issue with the launch of a new configuration wizard which makes using the bar a total breeze.

Features of the Wizard

  • Conky bar adaptable to screensize
  • Ability to choose which ‘widgets/stats’ are dia.
  • The ability to embed scripts within the program itself.
  • Ability to re-load and edit saved configurations 
  • Available in Spanish and English.


Downloads for 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu are available @

Extract the archive and double-click on the ConkyWizard file to run.