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Dropbox adds indicator applet, customizable tray icon

The latest testing version of popular cloud storage service Dropbox has introduced indicator applet support and, what will surely be music to icon-set makers ears’ everywhere ” the ability to finally customize the dropbox tray icon!

Other fixes in the 0.8 series ” codenamed Rainbow Shell ” include improved startup time for large dropboxes, a new status UI that informs you of errors when files fail to upload/download and numerous stability fixes all across the board.


If you’re feeling eager you can test the latest version of Dropbox that features the new dropbox application indicator ” by installing it from the source tarbells below. 

Linux 64bit:
Linux 32bit: 

To run dropbox extract the tarbell to your home folder, open a terminal and type: –

  • cd
  • nohup .dropbox-dist/dropbox &

To customize the icons simply change those in the  ~./dropbox-dist/icons folder with appropriately designed ones.

    Via | Soft-libre