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Wikipedia Unity Lens Adds Snippets, Thumbnails in Latest Update

The Wikipedia lens for Ubuntu's Unity dash we wrote about several days back has been updated. Visually the Lens now looks neater, sporting article snippets and thumbnails (where applicable) thanks to use of the 'card view' layout available to developers. Want it? Read on for the details.

11 May 2012

[How To] Add A Wikipedia Lens to Unity For Faster Fact Finding

We've all been there: you recognise the face if that guy in that movie - but you can't recall his name; or you're 3 names short of listing all the states in America. These are pretty rubbish examples of what Wikipedia - the world famous collaboratively maintained encyclopedia - is useful for, but they are, nevertheless, real-world instances of Wiki scratching an intellectual itch. And in Ubuntu you can scratch this itch even quicker by adding the 'Wikipedia Lens' to the Unity Dash.

29 April 2012