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GNOME's new look wifi settings

GNOME Devs Improve the Wi-Fi Settings Panel

Improved wifi settings are coming as part a redesigned GNOME Control Center. And as you can see in this video, the new wifi panel is looking seriously good.

18 July 2017
new features in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 Will Support Captive Portals

Ubuntu devs want to enable captive portal detection in Network Manager to make it easier for users to connect to free wifi in cafes and public places.

18 July 2017

Analyse Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Ubuntu With This Script

Wifi signal strength can vary from room to room so knowing where the best spot to pitch up when snagging the latest 1.5GB Ubuntu .iso is valuable information. There are several apps available on Linux that […]

7 August 2016
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Broadcom CrystalHD Indicator Applet for Ubuntu

Broadcom’s cheap and cheerful CrystalHD card, which can found in many netbooks, laptops and desktops, offers real-time hardware-accelerated decoding of HD video content – including HD flash – at up-to 1080p. Broadcom provide a set of […]

24 February 2012

Quick Realtek RTL8192SU Ubuntu Wi-Fi Driver Fix

Here's quick fix for annoyed users with Realtek RTL8192SU WiFi chipsets wanting some WiFi...

31 January 2011
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First Linux Release of Wi-Fi app inSSIDer Available to Download

The first Linux release of  award-winning open-source Wi-Fi scanner tool inSSIDer 2 has been made available for download. inSSIDer scans any network(s) available to your WiFi card/dongle and tracks the signal strength over time even if you’re […]

13 January 2011
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Windows WiFi app ‘inSSIDer 2’ heading to Linux

inSSIDer 2 - an award-winning, open-source Wi-Fi scanner tool - is coming to Linux. Oh yes. Read on for more info and a sneak peek at what it currently looks like...

5 January 2011
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How To Stop WiFi Starting on Boot in Ubuntu

To most of us Ubuntu starting the Wi-Fi connection automatically on log-in is a great boon – it lets us get online much quicker. For some, however, it is an annoyance. Below is an easy […]

7 June 2010