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How to Install The Latest VLC Release in Ubuntu 12.04

Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? Want to update to the latest version of the popular VLC media player? Here's all you need to know on how to go about it.

7 February 2014
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VLC 2.1.0 Update Released With New Audio Core, Early 4K Video Support

A new version of the popular open-source media player VLC is now available for download.

26 September 2013
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VLC 2.0.6 Released With Boatload of Bug Fixes

A new version of VLC is available for download. Videolan, the team behind the app, say VLC 2.0.6 is an 'important update' to the 2.x series of the popular media player.

11 April 2013
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Latest Stable VLC Release Available for Ubuntu 12.10

Almost 100 bug fixes features in the latest 'minor update' to the VLC. Fixes the VLC development team say 'improves the overall stability.'

17 December 2012

[How To] Upgrade to the Latest VLC Release in Ubuntu 12.04

VLC 2.0.2 was pushed out a few days back - but if you're looking to upgrade you'll need to add a PPA.

4 July 2012
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How to Install VLC 2.0 in Ubuntu 11.10

The latest update to open-source media player VLC has been released, and brings with it multi-threaded decoding for a variety of popular formats. Read on for easy installation instructions for Ubuntu 11.10.

19 February 2012
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VLC Nightly Builds Bring Tweaked Look, New Features

VLC is bar far and away the most popular media player on Ubuntu, if not Linux. But its interface has never been as slick as it could be. Thankfully the VLC nightly builds, unstable snapshots of the next release, have brought with them a slightly improved look...

1 December 2011
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[How to] Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu 11.04

Trying to play a DVD in Ubuntu but getting no-where? You probably forgot to enable DVD playback. Here I show you how.

21 June 2011
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Easy Blu-ray Movie Playback in Linux

Watch Blu-Ray discs in Ubuntu - with next-to-no effort required - thanks to a new script by Scott Duensing.

13 October 2010
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Linux Movie players: VLC Vs Totem Vs Parole

VLC may the king of features, but is it the king of performance?

9 September 2010
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GNOME-Vlc brings GTK interface, Simplicity to VLC

Gnome-Vlc is a new project designed to provide a simple GTK frontend to the popular Vlc player. Still in its infancy, the project was borne “…out of frustration with other players that failed to tick […]

29 January 2010
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How To Fix Video Tearing In Videos; Nvidia, Ubuntu

Screen-tearing is an issue for many Nvidia users on Ubuntu. Videos are plauaged by a visible ‘tear’ mid way through the screen during any moments of intense action or horizontal panning. Gamers find anything that […]

25 January 2010