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Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012

Ubuntu Software Development Kit Announced

An important item discussed in Copenhagen this Monday, regarding app development, was the emergence of an Ubuntu SDK at some point in the not too distant future. An Ubuntu-specific software development kit, bringing together all the necessary software and tools for app development, ought to excite people looking to make or bring their applications to Ubuntu.

30 October 2012

Future of Nautilus in Ubuntu Discussed at UDS

Discussion on Ubuntu 13.04's choice of default file manager was one of the headline sessions in the second day of the latest UDS. Integration, design and accessibility issues were all raised during the 50 minute discussion, which centered around what Ubuntu needs to patch or re-add to the 'new' Nautilus for it to remain useful to Ubuntu users.

30 October 2012

Ubuntu Create Dedicated Games Dev Team?

A new team set up on Launchpad - the online hub for Ubuntu's development activities - appears to show just how seriously Canonical are taking gaming on their platform. Although little has yet been announced about the team - called 'Ubuntu Game Developers' - ´╗┐or their purpose, the existing members list reads like a who's-who of technical elite.

29 October 2012

Valve Talk ‘Steam for Linux’, Give Beta Access to Attendees

Valve engineer Drew Bliss has given a short talk to ubuntu developers present at the Ubuntu Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Revealing little in way of time schedules or release dates, instead referring to 'Valve time' - a 'release when it's ready approach' - Bliss did have one trick up his sleeve for attendees of the summit: guaranteed access to the forthcoming beta.

29 October 2012

Ubuntu 13.04 To Drop Alpha Releases?

The Ubuntu 13.04 development cycle may not feature any alpha releases, a session at this weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit has mooted. Discussion, which although still preliminary is expected to be actioned, suggests disbanding with alpha builds for Ubuntu 13.04, and releasing only one beta.

29 October 2012
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Ubuntu 13.04 ‘Ringtail’ Logo Unveiled

The mascot logo for Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" is on show at UDS, which starts tomorrow in Copenhagen, Denmark.

28 October 2012

Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer App Released to Devs

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is, as Mark Shuttleworth revealed last week, to be Ubuntu's 'reference' device on which the 'core' of Ubuntu will be tweaked. By 'viewing Ubuntu through a mobile lens' developers will be address CPU, RAM and power usage issues, making them better. The net result is that all devices - tablet, desktop or TV, will benefit.

26 October 2012

Valve to Launch ‘Steam Linux Beta’ at UDS?

Steam fans will want to keep an eye on next weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit. As well as Valve rocking up on the event for a talk, an interesting listing has popped on the 'Open Steam Works' site titled "Steam Linux UDS Beta".

26 October 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark To Hold Next, Shorter, Ubuntu Developer Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark is to play host to the next Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) later this year. The bi-annual event sees Ubuntu developers from around the world get together to hammer out the details for the next release of Ubuntu.

30 July 2012