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Mark Shuttleworth Talks Mir, Ubuntu Touch Marketshare & Mudslinging

Following a new release of Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth puts himself in front of the community for a Question & Answer session. This, folks, is what he had to say...

22 May 2013

Ubuntu Ported to RikoMagic USB PC

Ubuntu 12.10 is being ported to the 'Rikomagic' USB PC, thanks to the work of a third party developer. The Rikimagic MK802 III, which costs £59, ship with Android 4.0 by default, but the powerful innards have proved too tempting for Ubuntu developers not to take advantage of:

23 November 2012
Ubuntu TV home page

3rd Party Dev Adds New Features to Ubuntu TV [Video]

A third-party developer has taken the code for Ubuntu TV and added some changes of his own. The results are pretty stunning.

26 July 2012
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‘We’re Going to Be Building Awesome Things’ – Canonical’s Will Cooke

Ubuntu TV captured the attention and imaginations of the technology press after its reveal at CES 2012. And rightly so. The demo of Ubuntu TV shown off at the event proved that not only are […]

6 February 2012
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[How to] Install Ubuntu TV via PPA

There’s a good chance that following all of the screenshots and videos of Ubuntu TV you’d like nothing more than to play with it yourself. The good news is that you can – but there […]

10 January 2012
Ubuntu TV Wallpaper

Download the Official Ubuntu TV Wallpaper

Mmm. Despite all today’s news about Ubuntu’s latest extension into our lives (Ubuntu TV if you haven’t been paying attention) part of me is still left… wanting more. And, as I can’t get Ubuntu TV […]

9 January 2012
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How Does Ubuntu TV Look in Action? Like This…

More information on the newly revealed Ubuntu TV has been made available online by Canonical. Alongside a new mini-site to promote the OS to device manufactures, a short video showing off the UI of the entertainment-orientated OS spin in action has been put online.

9 January 2012