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Ubuntu for Android

Ubuntu for Android Is No Longer In Active Development

A recent bug report filed against the Ubuntu website claims that Ubuntu for Android, first demoed in 2012, is 'no longer in development'.

29 April 2014

New Animated ‘Ubuntu For Android’ Ad Hits the Web

A new 'Ubuntu for Android' commercial has appeared online. The 2 minute animated spot explains the key concepts behind the technology, which was first announced back in February, via irrelevant analogies.

12 November 2012
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Meet the NexPhone: An Ubuntu-based Smartphone, PC, Tablet and Laptop in One

Here's a name you'll be hearing a lot about in the next few months: NexPhone. The NexPhone project is simple in its premise: it's a smartphone running Ubuntu for Android that can be turned into a tablet, PC, or laptop by 'docking' the device to different hardware components.

11 September 2012
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‘Ubuntu For Android’ Demoed on Video at FISL

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I never tire of seeing Ubuntu for Android in action. Lucky for me then that a new video of this very thing has surfaced online.

2 August 2012
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New ‘Ubuntu For Android’ Video Demo Appears Online

I never tire of seeing Ubuntu for Android demoed in videos. Largely because it's as close as close as I'm going to get to experiencing one (though Mark Shuttleworth says we can expect the first devices to ship later this year).

6 May 2012
Ubuntu for Android

Ubuntu for Android Gets Shown Off At Mobile World Congress

Canonical are over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week to schmooze, show off and shore up support for their stunning (no hyperbole needed) Ubuntu for Android feature. AndroidCentral's Phil Nickinson is over in Barcelona to attend the MWC and, in Hall 7, got to lay his hands on the technology. Video and reaction tucked inside.

27 February 2012
Ubuntu for Android

Meet Ubuntu for Android: The Next Step in Ubuntu’s Multi-Device Plan

Meet 'Ubuntu for Android' - a side-by-side pairing of the Android and Ubuntu OSes on a single phone, the latest part of Canonical's 'multi-device' future for Ubuntu.

21 February 2012