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Ubuntu 22.04 Kills Apps Too Frequently – Users Aren’t Impressed

Witness as I try to write convincingly about a low-level system issue beyond my understanding but which affects my own use of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS at present.

10 June 2022

GNOME Logs May Ship in Ubuntu 17.10

Hold the front page: Ubuntu could be about to switch log viewer from GNOME System Log to GNOME Logs. We're on the ground with all the details.

1 August 2017

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 Released, Ready for Download

You can now Download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2, the latest release in the Vivid Vervet release cycle.

26 March 2015

Ubuntu To Switch to Systemd As Default Following Debian Decision

In news few of us could have or would have predicted this time last week: Ubuntu has announced plans to switch to the Systemd init system.

14 February 2014
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Systemd in GNOME, PackageKit and what GNOME as an OS really means

A recent proposal be PulseAudio and systemd lead developer Lennart ?Poettering to add systemd raised concerns that GNOME might drop support for non-Linux platforms. This isn't the aim; and here's why.

19 May 2011