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Hot Topic: Why Windows 11 Could Be Good News for Ubuntu

Windows 11 has a new set of features and a new set of requirements. Devices older than 6 years old can't run Windows 11. We think it's a chance for Linux.

24 June 2021
the new apple macbook doesn't let linux boot

Don’t Panic, You Can Boot Linux on Apple’s New Devices

Does Apple stop Linux from booting on its newly refreshed Mac Mini PC or MacBookAir laptops?  That’s the claim currently circling the web‘s collective drain. The posit is that the new T2 ‘secure enclave’ chip Apple has baked […]

5 November 2018

Ubuntu to Use Signed GRUB2 Bootloader for Secure Boot

A signed version of GRUB2 that enables Ubuntu to work with Secure Boot devices is being prepped for Ubuntu 12.10. Further details about the change are expected from Canonical later today.

20 September 2012
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Canonical Clarify Ubuntu SecureBoot Plans

Ever since the Windows 8 SecureBoot dilemma reared its the big question has been: "Can I still use Ubuntu?" . Canonical have today responded with plans on how they intend to approach the SecureBoot situation to ensure that Ubuntu 'works smoothly' for users of SecureBoot devices.

22 June 2012
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Microsoft to Prevent Linux Booting on ARM Hardware?

Fears that Microsoft would abuse the Windows 8 UEFI feature are coming true. Advice from Microsoft to makers of ARM hardware says that allowing the disabling of the contentious UEFI Secure Boot feature required for Windows 8 must NOT be possible.

13 January 2012
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Canonical Seek To Allay Windows 8 ‘Secure Boot’ Fears

Canonical, along with Red Hat, have today published a white paper on the potential implications, and benefits, of "Secure boot" for Linux.

28 October 2011
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Microsoft Attempt to Address Windows 8 ‘Linux Worries’

The concern over whether or not the Windows 8 requirement for 'Secure Boot' will prevent users from installing other operating systems has been addressed by Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky in a blog post on the Microsoft Developers Network site.

23 September 2011
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Windows 8 ‘Secure Boot’ Could Stop You Installing Linux

Microsoft are pushing for changes to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware specifications that would prevent any operating system apart from Windows 8 being able to boot on a computer.

21 September 2011