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ubuntu runs on Xiaomi's cyberdog

Xiaomi’s CyberDog Robot Runs Ubuntu

Ubuntu runs on all sorts of things, from gateways to games consoles, and now we can add robot dog to the list! Chinese hardware company Xiaomi recently unveiled an experimental four-legged robot called CyberDog. Their […]

1 December 2021

Watch This Terrifying 13ft Robot Walk, Assisted by Ubuntu

Watch the moment that Ubuntu helps this terrifying 13ft bipedal robot stomp forward, signifying a bold leap for robotics and engineering.

3 January 2017
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Robots for Humanity Powered by Open Source

A new collaborative robotics project is ripping the idea of autonomous assistance for the disabled out from the land of science-fiction and planting it firmly in the real world - and all using the power of Open Source.

20 July 2011