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First Alpha of Moonlight Desktop Environment Now Available for Testing

The first alpha of new modular Qt5 desktop environment 'Moonlight' has been released — despite the current shortcomings it looks promising.

7 July 2014

Raspberry Pi’s Maynard is a Modern Linux Desktop Using Wayland

Maynard is a modern, lightweight Linux desktop using Wayland being tailored for use on the single-board Raspberry Pi computer.

15 June 2014

£25 Raspberry Pi PC Sells Out in Minutes

Raspberry Pi – a £25 computer – went on sale this morning and sold out within minutes. The credit-card sized device sports a 700MHz ARMv6 CPU, a GPU with enough grunt to decode 1080p HD video, […]

29 February 2012
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Cotton Candy: The USB Sized ARM PC That Runs Ubuntu

A quad-core computer the size of a USB stick. A few years ago that would've sounded like a pipe-dream, but today it's a reality.

20 November 2011

Raspberry Pi – the $25 USB-sized Ubuntu PC

Whilst modern smartphones are often dubbed 'PC's in your pocket' it's the recently unveiled 'Rasberry Pi' that can truly make a stake to that claim.

9 May 2011