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Linux Release Roundup thumbnail

Linux Release Roundup: Cozy, Polychromatic, and Latte Dock

What do a GTK audiobook app, a classy desktop dock, and a RGB peripheral control tool have in common? They have all had new releases recently.

14 August 2021

Polychromatic, the Razer Config App for Linux, Scores a New Update

Polychromatic, an unofficial desktops that lets Razer mouse and keyboard users configure their devices on Linux, has received an update.

5 April 2017
polychromatic controller app for linux

Polychromatic Works With New Razer Linux Drivers, Even More Devices

Last month we wrote about a desktop app that let you configure Razer keyboards on Linux. It’s called Polychromatic. Our article appeared at a time of transition for the app as it was in the middle of switching away […]

21 September 2016
razer chroma linux app

This App Lets You Set-Up And Configure Razer Keyboards on Linux

Own a flashy Razer keyboard or mouse and want to make it play nice on Linux? This new open-source app can help.

24 August 2016