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I know I’m in no position to criticise but really GNOME, really? (d0od rant)

With Gnome 3.0 on course to be released later this year developers have begun making the tough decisions on what will be included as part of the desktop – and, perhaps more controversially, what won’t […]

9 June 2010
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GNU/Linux: The Name Game

I have been asked several times why I do not refer to Linux as “GNU/Linux,” or “the GNU/Linux operating system,” or some variation thereof. Most of you are well aware of the controversy around using […]

8 June 2010
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Songbird drops Linux support; Why this doesn’t matter

The Songbird teamhave announced that they will no longer be officially supporting Linux versions of their media player. Community versions, will, however still be provided but there is no guarantee that these versions will see […]

3 April 2010
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Why Mark Shuttleworth is right – Ubuntu is not a democracy and nor should it be

Some comments that Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth recently made on a bug report have been flaming up and down the internet faster than a bushfire in the outback. Annoyingly the “popularity” of said comments is […]

19 March 2010