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OpenOffice In Danger of Shutting Down, Project VP Warns

The future isn't look bright for OpenOffice, the open-source office suite run by the Apache Foundation.

4 September 2016

OpenOffice 3.4 Released

Although LibreOffice may have forked off from it and picked up developers and innovation by the bucket load, the faithful old brand, now under the direction of Apache Software Foundation, has seen its first release since January 2011. Apache OpenOffice 3.4 doesn't do anything drastic, but does iterate nicely upon that which was there before.

8 May 2012
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Document Foundation 1, Oracle 0: OpenOffice discarded, left to the community

Oracle, the "owners" of OpenOffice, have announced the discontinuation of commercial development on the popular office suite. OpenOffice will be continued as a community project. The question is: does anyone still care?

19 April 2011
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LibreOffice 3.3 RC2 released, available for download

The Document Foundation's "LibreOffice" Team has announced another release candidate that's now available for download.

23 December 2010
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How to Install LibreOffice from a repository in Ubuntu

A temporary repository for LibreOffice – the newly-announced fork of OpenOffice – has been set up for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Debian-based distributions  to use.

3 October 2010
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LibreOffice – Google, Novell sponsored OpenOffice fork launched

The OpenOffice development community have today announced the launch of a new foundation - The Document Foundation - that will oversee, guide and develop a new fork of OpenOffice named 'LibreOffice'.

28 September 2010
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It’s Not The Hokey Cokey; OpenOffice BACK In Ubuntu Netbook Edition After User Outcry

The community outcry over the removal of OpenOffice from Ubuntu Netbook Edition has seen developers reaching for a rethink over the controversial decision. The first reversal earlier this week that saw AbiWord and GNUMeric step […]

11 February 2010
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AbiWord & Gnumeric To Replace OpenOffice in Ubuntu Netbook Edition

A few days ago we shared word that the suite of apps was to be dropped from default installs of Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition. Many of you cheered, many of you did a double-take […]

8 February 2010
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OpenOffice 3.2 Coming November – What’s New

OpenOffice is the default Office suite in Ubuntu, and most other Linux distros, and for good reason, too – it’s more than an equal for Microsoft’s all-dominant Microsoft Office suite. Version 3.2 will be released […]

21 October 2009
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OpenOffice File Thumbnails In Nautilus

Nautilus (the default file manager in Ubuntu) is able to display thumbnails for various different types of files: photos, video, audio, text documents, etc. With a simple script it can also display thumbnails for OpenOffice […]

24 August 2009