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Nokia HERE To Provide Ubuntu Phones With Faster, More Accurate Location Data

Ubuntu developers will shortly be able to take advantage of accurate location positioning data in apps built for Ubuntu for devices.

30 July 2014

Ubuntu One Files App Comes to the Nokia N9 (Unofficially)

Ubuntu One users who also happen to own a Nokia N9 don’t need to go without on-the-go access to their files for much longer. Ubuntu One developer Stuart Langridge¬†has published initial work on an unofficial […]

1 May 2012
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Ubuntu Adds Extra Glow to Nokia’s Public Lumia 800 Event

Yesterday evening London’s iconic Millbank tower became the canvas upon which an awe inspiring light show took place. The 387 ft tall building was painted, warped and transformed by an array of lights and sound […]

29 November 2011
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Improve the style of your Nokia phone with an Ubuntu Unity theme

Add some Ubuntu-themed beauty to your Symbian-powered Nokia handset with the following 'Natty Ubuntu' themes by ~danielfsousaa,

13 June 2011