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How to Enable Night Light on Ubuntu 17.10

We show you how to enable Night Light on Ubuntu 17.10, a handy blue-light filter feature that can help improve your sleep patterns and reduce eye strain.

19 October 2017
night light in gnome 3.24

How to Adjust the Color Temperature of GNOME Night Light

We show you how to adjust color temperature of the GNOME Night Light feature on Ubuntu so that you can set a hue and intensity that suits your tastes.

17 July 2017
KDE night color feature

A Built-in ‘Night Light’ Feature Is Coming to KDE Plasma

A blue light filter may soon come built-in to the KDE Plasma desktop. Developers have been working on adding color correction features to the KWin (the KDE window manager/compositor) in Wayland. Although commits that expose color temperature tweaking are not yet […]

23 May 2017
GNOME nightlight

GNOME’s New Night Light Feature Aims to Help You Sleep Better

We take a look at GNOME Night Light, a blue light filter that is included in the GNOME 3.24 desktop and adjusts the color temperature of the display.

28 February 2017